Acid-alkaline balance is a pH level, about which heard, probably, everyone.

pH is not only numbers on packings of soap and soil for flowers,it is your health and immunity. For normal work of all organism internal organs pH has to be alkaline, in range from 7 to 9.

The acid-alkaline balance is our indicator of health. As we are "sourer", rather we grow old and are ill more.

You, for certain, heard about antioxidants, that it is necessary to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables to protect cells from stress, aging and death, and organism from oxidation. And about that alkaline water and fresh vegetable food helps us to keep youth and beauty. But abuse of meat, dairy products and alcoholic / soft drinks, coffee and other leads to acidulation of organism and is the reason of many diseases.

pH level of blood and other liquids in our organism has to fluctuate from 7,35 to 7,45. An average value of healthy person blood pH – 7,42. What determines these numbers? First of all –food and external factors. Inattentive relation to food, choice of unhealthy food, harmful drinks and other factors – smoking, alcohol, stress.

All these aspects influence decrease of pH!

It is clear that it will not be possible to influence all factors at once, but today we can begin with the small. Start thinking and consciously choose drinks and food. Already only this one small and simple step will allow you to improve the health considerably.

All food and drinks share on: acid and alkaline. Of course, it is impossible to exclude completely acid products from a diet, but observe balance nevertheless follows. It will allow You to maintain immunity at high level and avoid many diseases or treat the acquired.

The best food – fresh vegetables, fruit, greens, germinated grains and bean, but, thermally untreated!

The best drink of health is ionized alkaline water!

Human body is 70% of water. It is possible to speak in images that a human is leather "bag of bones", in which about 40-50l of variousliquids.

These are 5 l of blood, 2 l of lymph, 2,5 l of gastric juice, 3 l of intestine juice, about 20-25 l of cellular and 15-20 l of extracellular liquid

Main component of these liquids – water. Therefore quality of water and its properties are the main condition of good health and durability. Life is like a movement of these liquids in cells and between them, at which violation, leads to human sickness.

Our blood, lymph, pericellular fluid are responsible for activity of organism, quality and life expectancy.

Therefore, we have to provide a body by means of alkaline water with nutrients, oxygen, but not humour yourself with flavoring addictions. Then we will be able to enjoy life, but not look for a tablet and doctor, who will think how to disentangle our troubles.

If you daily drink 1,5-2,5 liters of ionized alkaline water, you will restore health, will get rid of many diseases, rejuvenate an organism and improve health!

As in our diet there are more food – sour and oxidizing, and usually problems of health are connected with acidulation of an organism and pH imbalance, soionized alkaline water will help to align these indicators.


pH in Your body is not always identical — some of it parts are more alkaline, and some acid. Body regulates pH level only in some cases, for example blood pH. Others body parts, such as kidneys, are not regulated by body. On pH level of kidneys and others organs, which are not regulated by an organism,influences food and water, which we use. 

pH of blood

pH level of your blood is supported by your organism in the narrow range 7.35-7.45.

pH level of blood has to remain always at the safe level therefore an organism uses above-mentioned organs and fabrics for its maintenance. Thereof, pH level of blood does not change because of the use of alkaline water, but fabric and body organs, used for adjustment of blood pH change the pH. 

pH of kidneys

On pH level of kidneys both influences water and food, and metabolic processes in organism. Acid food (e.g. Meat products, dairy products, etc.) and drinks (sweet carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, coffee and other) lead to low pH level in kidneys, because an organism removes excessive acidity through urine. As urine pH level is lower, than heavier kidneys should work. Therefore acid loading, falling from such food and drinks on kidneys, is called as potential acid and kidney loading.

The benefit brought to kidneys by alkaline water — increase of urine pH level that will lower acid loading, from which kidneys should get rid. The increase in pH of urine raises pH of an organism and relieves kidneys of acid toxins. 

pH of stomach

The empty stomach contains not more than a teaspoon of gastric acid developed in the last meal. Stomach makes acid when it is necessary. Stomach does not excrete acid when You drink water.

The most useful — drink alkaline water on empty stomach, — pH, thus, increases to level 5-6. Increased pH will have soft antacid effect and will lead to increase in quantity of useful probiotics (salutary bacteria). An increase in pH of stomach raises organism pH that conducts to healthy digestion and exempts from diarrhea symptoms. 

pH of subcutaneous fat

Fatty tissues of an organism have acid pH as in them excessive acids are postponed. The organism should store acid in fatty tissues when it cannot be removed or neutralized in other ways. For this reason acid pH of an organism — is one of excess weight factor.

Positive influence of alkaline water on Your weight is that alkaline water helps to bring out excessive acid, causing kidneys to work more rationally. It helps to control the weight because the amount of acid, which body has to "store" in itself decreases. Alkaline water will also improve results of a healthy diet and exercises, helping an organism to cope with the excessive acidity, which is marked out by fatty tissues in the course of weight loss. 


Bones have alkaline pH as they generally consist of calcium. Their pH is constant, but if blood needs adjustment of pH, calcium gets from bones.

The benefit brought by alkaline water to bones consists in their protection, by decrease in amount of acid, against which an organism should fight. Researches showed that the use of alkaline water reduces resolution of bones — osteoporosis. 

pH of liver

Liver has an alkalescent pH, on which level both impacts food and drinks. Sugar and alcohol have to be split in a liver, and it results in surplus of acid.

 The benefit brought by alkaline water to a liver consists in availablity in such water of antioxidants; it is established that alkaline water strengthens work of two antioxidants, which are in a liver, promoting more effective clarification of blood. 

Organism pH and alkaline water

Alkaline water allows body parts, keeping blood pH, to work with higher productivity. Increase of pH level in body parts, which are responsible for maintenance of blood pH will help these bodies remain healthy and work quickly.

Between meals You can help Your body to normalize balance of pH, using alkaline water. Even a small increase in pH of your urine can have huge impact on Your health. The increase in pH at least on 1 level will reduce probability of such illnessesdevelopment, as high. 

As usually problems of health are connected with acidulation of organism and imbalance of pH, so AKVALIFE ionized alkaline water will help to align these indicators.