Each of us, depending on age, consists for 60-80% of water. Water is a cradle of a civilization, in which life arose. Without water life on Earth would not be possible. 

Did You think about what water flows from Your crane and from where it comes to Your house? From the river? How many time this water was used before You by other people living above on a current? And how many times it was used and came back via the sewerage and treatment facilities to the river? How many tens kilometers of rusty pipes it passed, what information, charge and PH (acid-alkaline balance) it possesses? 

Do You still believe that this water can benefit?

What do You drink every day? Did You make a detailed analysis ofthe water? How Your tap or store-bought bottled water from unknown source affects Your body? And how daily consumption of such water affects Your health?

Water – main source of cell energy and their connecting material. It can’t be replaced. It splits and dissolves the feed stuffs getting to an organism, spreads them and oxygen on all organism. Water gives energy to food, and particles of food gain ability to transfer energy to an organism in the course of digestion. Also water collects and deletes unnecessary waste from an organism, slags and toxins, thus, clearing an organism. Water coordinates all vitalbrain and body functions.

Therefore it is vital to use daily live, pure, energetically correctly loaded water!

Even if at Your place there are filters for water purification, they do not change two main properties of water:

   1. oxidation-reduction potential (ORP)

   2. alkaline indicator – PH

Actually, water contains impurities, which cannot be separated by usual filtration. 

These are:

  • salts of heavy metals
  • radionuclides
  • various chemicals
  • negative information
  • free radicals

Only in the course of ionization from tap water it is possible to receive rather qualitative water!

Qualitative water has to have at least 4 important properties, such as:

1. High rate of PH (PH = 8-12), which helps to neutralize harmful acids in organism.

 2. Very low oxidation-reduction potential (ORP-150 …-200 mV), i.e. large number of electrons. Electrons have antioxidant action and neutralize free radicals. 

3. The structure, which is consisting of 6 molecules, having a form of correct hexagon. Such structure is close to structure of water in fabrics of our organism. It increases ability of water easily to get into cells of a body and successfully be acquired, without spending too much vital energy of an organism.  

4. More oxygen, which helps to regulate acid-alkaline balance.

These 4 characteristics makes water unique, useful, identical mountain source water!  

Therefore if You have no opportunity to live in mountains, far from civilization and daily breathe the purest mountain air and drink the most tasty and most useful water from a mountain source, You can provide Yourself and family with qualitative water, on structure to identical water from a mountain source, using water ionizer! 

Ionized water is received in special AKVALIFE water ionizers, passing direct electric current through usual tap water. This process, which in the natural way changesa structure of water is called - electrolysis. 

Thus it is possible to prepare daily simply and quickly ionized alkaline, acid and silver water which, in the natural way makes active vital forces of an organism, helps maintain every day harmony of an organism and improves a state of health! 

It is established by scientists that this water is non-toxic and is not dangerous, neither for external, nor to internal application, more over, in Japan and Uzbekistan it is officially allowed for application in the medical purposes. A number ofionized water effect researche is carried out. Received results – positive!

Now ionized water is used in Japan, Israel, India, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia and others countries. 

What is ionized water?