Each of us, depending on age, consists for 60-80% of water. Water is a cradle of a civilization, in which life arose. Without water life on Earth would not be possible. 

Did You think about what water flows from Your crane and from where it comes to Your house? From the river? How many time this water was used before You by other people living above on a current? And how many times it was used and came back via the sewerage and treatment facilities to the river? How many tens kilometers of rusty pipes it passed, what information, charge and PH (acid-alkaline balance) it possesses? 

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Ionized water

Ionized water is received in special ionizers of water, passing direct electric current through usual tap water. This process is called a water electrolysis.

So molecule of water is split on hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxide (OH-), and salts dissolved in water — on positive ions of metals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium) and negative ions of chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus and others. 

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