Water ionizer AKVALIFE

To live healthily is really simple if you have at home a new generation water ionizer AKVALIFE. In the water ionizer at a time ionized alkaline and ionized acidic water is produced. Additional function is production of silvered water.

The volume of the device is 3 litres. Filling the device with ordinary water just in 4 minutes you will have in separate vessels 2.7 l of ionized alkaline water and 0.3 l of ionized acidic water. The device is operated with the help of a separate control unit. After ionization process you only need to take off the top cover with the electrodes and serve water straight to the table of your family.

The volume of the device enables you to save time; due to the particular construction features it is possible to produce ionized water of various parameters. Maintenance of the device is easy.


The devices are certified and patented.
The volume of the device is 3 l

Price of water ionizers AKVALIFE in the USA - 599 $ 499 $

Price of water ionizers AKVALIFE:

in the Europe - 399 €
in the Baltic States - 399 €
in the Russia - 29,999 ₽
in the United Arab Emirates - 499 €

Warranty: 36 months
Produced in EU