Our company - is a dynamically developing enterprise with a unique concept of a friendly customer service and 21 years of successful experience in high-tech manufacturing. The main activity - production of quality goods for those who care about a healthy way of life and wants to be healthy!

Production of AKVALIFE – household water ionizers. Consumers are offered high-quality products that are already evaluated consumer markets across countries of Europe and Russia. All products are certified and patented.

Ionizers of water are produced from environmentally friendly materials, which do not contain harmful elements. The case of the device is made according to sanitary requirements of foodstuff and medicine quality inspection. Electrodes of ionizers are made of rare inert metals. The anode is made of titanium and covered with a mixture of ruthenium and iridium oxides. The cathode is made of food stainless steel. As partitions between electrodes is used special membrane that meets applied material requirements used in the process of electrochemical activation. Devices are economical and meet electrical safety requirements.

Our production is manufactured by the most skilled and competent professionals according to the best European standards. Only AKVALIFE water ionizer allows to get water for use in home conditions, which has three properties: alkaline, acid and silver.

The water prepared in such water ionizers in the natural way activates vital forces of the body, helps to maintain body’s every day harmony and helps to improve a state of health!

Official science for more than 30 years ago has recognized that the water, which in the course of electrolysis received negative redox-potential, that is alkaline water, possesses high immunostimulating, regenerating and detoxifying properties that is meaning that it can be used with success to treatment of a set of diseases. Formulations of use of the ionized alkaline, acid and silver water for medical purposes and methods of its household and industry applying are approved.

It is established that this water is not toxic and not dangerous, either for external or internal application, and in Japan and Uzbekistan it is officially allowed for application in the medical purposes. A number of ionized water researches of effect in animal husbandry, poultry farming, gardening and horticulture in various regions of Russia, Latvia and Lithuania is carried out. The obtained results are positive.

Currently, ionized water is used in Japan, Israel, India, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia and other countries. 

We invite dealers to cooperate with us on especially favorable conditions and strengthen long-term partnership. Every customer is important to us!
We are confident that our manufactured AKVALIFE water ionizers will help You and Your relatives to enjoy a good health!