Human body for 70% consists of water. In our organism there are 40-45 liters of liquids: 4-5 l of blood, 28 l of cellular and extracellular liquid, etc.

1. How water affects human health? 

Human body for 70% consists of water. In our organism there are 40-45 liters of liquids: 4-5 l of blood, 28 l of cellular and extracellular liquid, etc. Life is a movement of these liquids in cells and between them. At its delay human gets sick. We do not even guess that many diseases arise because of water lack in an organism and because of water’s bad quality. The organism in a day from fats, carbohydrates can receive only 300 g of water. Therefore it is recommended to drink 2-2,5 liters of liquids daily. Certainly, it is very important with what water we supply our organism.

2. How ionized water was invented?

Ionized (activated) water was invented by a group of scientists in Tashkent scientific research institute of natural gas, which was directed by professor S. Alyokhin. Scientists looked for new structure of emulsion necessary at performance of drilling operations. In the course of researches it was decided to use a method of water electrolysis in the vessel divided into two parts by a partition - a membrane from such material, which passed ions, but did not allow to mix up to water. Scientists soon noticed that water near positive electrode (anode) becomes sour on taste and is loaded with a positive charge, and near negative electrode (cathode) becomes alkaline and is loaded with a negative charge. When this water was merged in different capacities, noticed that it keeps new properties long enough. It was soon noticed that after bathing in that water, washings by it began to heal quicker cuts, grazes, bruises, solar burns, and at some chronic eczema disappeared even. Later with activated water scientists of institute watered cotton and noticed that alkaline water stimulates its growth, and acid disinfects soil. Fast healing of wounds, sterilization of medical tools and treatment of postoperative and other wounds, experiment with cotton reminded motives of national tales of "live" and "dead" water and these names were strongly fixed in use behind the activated water. Alkaline water received a name "live", and acid - "dead". New properties of water were so unexpected and tempting that its researches intensively proceeded. Scientists made some hundreds of inventions, took out many patents. Soon in Japan necessary researches were very quickly conducted, and the mass production of household activators of water is begun.

3. What are the advantages of ionized water?

On structure and properties the ionized water is much closer to liquids of our organism, than usual drinking water. Therefore it joins at once in vital processes and has comprehensive impact on a state of health. 

4. How water becomes ionized?

Ionized or as it is often called - live and dead water comes out from usual water. In the course of electrolysis water is split on two components, which turn out at the same time in two different vessels of the ionizer. One part is loaded with weak positive electric charge and gets acid environment (pH=2-4). Such water is called acid ("dead water" or anolyte). Other part gets weak negative charge and alkaline environment (pH=10-12). Such water is called alkaline ("live water" or catholyte). 

5. What gives activity to water?

Activity to water is given by positive and negative electric charges acquired in the course of electrolysis called by oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). Besides, water gains the alkaline and acid properties expressed by pH indicator. 

6. How influence of ionized water is shown?

Activated water, as well as other liquids of our organism in fact are weak electrolytes. Besides, cells of activated water have other structure, they become adequate to cells of organism liquids. Therefore the organism perceives this water as "own" liquid and it joins at once in processes of an organism. Medicine defines an illness as violation of a power system of cells. Activated water effectively eliminates these violations, means also causes of illness. Besides, various pH values of water components also help to regulate acid-alkaline balance of an organism. 

7. What are the properties of alkaline water and why it is called "live"?

Alkaline water ("live") gets weak negative charge and alkaline environment. Thanks to these properties it awakens an organism, gives it energy and cheerfulness, stimulates cell regeneration, smoothly raises blood pressure, effectively treats various wounds, starting from simple irritation of skin, and, finishing, stomach ulcers and duodenum, decubituses and trophic ulcers. Therefore such water got accustomed name. After preparation later a while the impurity containing in it drop out in a deposit, which quantity indicates impurity of drinking water. These are oxides of heavy metals, radionuclides. Alkaline water regulates amount of calcium in blood, which surplus causes development of such diseases as osteochondrosis, atherosclerosis, polyarthritis. Besides, this water is a natural antioxidant. 

8. How useful acid water?

Acid water also is an excellent assistant of an organism. It possesses pronounced bactericidal properties, which give it positive electric charge, acid environment (H +) and a small amount of the chlorine emitted from the salts dissolved in water. Therefore dead water destroys bacteria, small wreckers, is used as neutralizing means. From here and name "dead water". It well disinfects an oral cavity when rinsing, reduces bleeding of gums, gradually dissolves scales, quickly treats cold, diarrhea, successfully struggles with fungal diseases. It is very useful when throat and flu epidemic begins. Dead water is useful to rinse mouth and nose before going to bed, i.e. to disinfect them, not allow to become stronger to causative agents of diseases. 

9. Maybe ionized water is a panacea?

Such all diseases medicine hardly sometime will appear. … However if the person loves himself (love is understood as ability to avoid diseases, rejoice life), observes recommendations of a healthy lifestyle, he will always manage to estimate a role of ionized water and it will take an important place in his life. After all it - not an artificial chemical preparation, but real gift of the nature helping to recover our vital forces and treat many diseases. Especially, ionized water is important as a prophylactic. Important not to treat illness, but not to ache. 

10. Whether it is possible to apply at the same time chemical medical preparations and ionized water?

At first it is worth trying: maybe ionized water will replace drugs. But if drugs are necessary, at first it is necessary to drink water and in 1-2 hours drink medicine. During this time activated water will already execute the functions and will not prevent the effect of drugs. Generally, there may be one conclusion: ionized water or chemical medicine. 

11. Whether ionized water in other areas is applied?

Such water is very appreciated by gardeners, flower growers, farmers. Alkaline water stimulates seed germination and their further growth, increases a crop. At young growth watering (calfs, pigs, chickens, gooses, etc.) they can caught ill less, daily gain increases. Fruits and vegetables processed by spraying with dead water are more long stored. Bee-keepers prepare syrup for bees using live water, and beehives disinfect with dead water, etc. Ionized water is applied in light industry and construction. 

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